Criminal Justice Reform

People are starving for a leader who won’t just tell them what they want someone who will lead with their chin in support of a justice system that rehabilitates people and prepares them for reentry into society – not profit driven incarceration. In both my legal practice and as a small business owner, I am motivated solely by results.

Marijuana Legalization

Taxation revenue of legalized marijuana will expand opportunities in education for Texas children. It is past time for Texas to catch up to other states that have used legalization to take pressure off every diminishing government resources. Moreover, I have seen the effects of criminalization, which are little more than a tool to marginalize poor and racial minorities living in our community. Simultaneously, legalization also reduces government spending, as police resources can be re-prioritized to other dire issues.

Small Business

I will fight endlessly to support local small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a small business owner myself, I have seen firsthand how tilted the scales are against small business year after year. Career politicians share the same tired rhetoric with no solutions, and all the while wealth is consolidated in the hands of the few.